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Karl "Kallemann" Arnfinn Nilsen

1933 - 1999

Kallemann started as an independent record company in Fevik, a small village just outside of Grimstad, the winter of ´09 - by owner and CEO to date, Leif Erik Westergren. The company is named after Westergrens late grandfather.  Westergren has over 21 years of music industry experience as a longstanding touring musician worldwide collaborating and touring with bands and artists such as Steve-O (JACKASS) on the "Out On Bail" world tour, PennywiseThe Lawrence Arms and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, but also also a manager, venue owner, songwriter (Darling DaizyErik West & The Imaginary Friends, The Higglers), promotor and publishing agent.


Kallemann is now a year round tour and concert organizer as well as a notable label for a highly respected selection of pioneers and legendary international and national artists in Norway and Europe including the legend, Grammy lifetime award achiever and Hall of Famer Marky Ramone from The Ramones, Grammy nominee and platinum selling American rock band Everclear, the southern Norwegian rap duo with the first ever openly gay rapper in Norway Folkefiender and Darling Daizy the very first Norwegian skatepunk band, a Richard Gottehrer self claimed favorite (BlondieThe Orchard) and first Norwegian punk band to ever play Johnny Depp´s iconic venue "The Viper Room" in Los Angeles.

Kallemann also have the exclusive representation rights in Norway, Scandinavia and USA to critically acclaimed stage productions such as The Johnny Cash Roadshow endorsed by the very own CASH family.