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Darling Daizy was formed in 1999 by Leif Erik Westergren (aka Erik West), Bjørn Larsen-Frivoll (aka Bjorn Coucheron) and Andreas Gustavsen (aka Andy G). The band wrote and recorded 15 songs for their debut album that very same year. Darling Daizy´s first album, "Passè" saw the light of day and was released in march 2000 by The Orchard and Bratville Records. The band followed up the release with heavy touring throughout the country and first ever Europe and US tour. The bands debut album got it´s most attention abroad after the major television network NBC picked several songs to feature in their TV-series "Sk8".

In 2001 Andreas Gustavsen (Andy G) left the band and was replaced by Bjørn Larsen-Frivoll´s (Bjorn Coucheron) younger brother Kim Larsen-Frivoll (aka Kim Kong). The band continued touring supporting their debut album alongside writing songs for their follow up. Darling Daizy took a break from the road to record their second album at Ronnie Le Tekrø´s (TNT) studio in Toten, Norway. During the recording session Ronnie Le Tekrø signed the band to his own label Beatheaven Records. The second album was entitled "Can I Get A Woop Woop!?" and the album artwork was designed by long time friend of the band Andrew Bargeron at Gimetzco (Weezer, Reel Big Fish). It was released March 2003. 

The album almost instantly attracted media recognition both in Norway and abroad which resulted in even heavier touring especially in countries like Norway, Germany, France, UK and the US. At some point Norways leading television broadcaster NRK flew the band in the middle of a Germany tour to do TV features and Darling Daizy´s debut music video for their first single of "Can I Get A Woop Woop!?" "The Wrong Side" went on top of the chart at the interactive Music television show "Svisj". The band was invited to do a major sold out theatre tour supporting MTV JACKASS star Steve-OPreston Lacey and Ryan Dunn in connection with their latest movie. Darling Daizy is to date the only band supporting the JACKASS cast live to ever complete - not just a show, but a full tour, due to the fact that the JACKASS fans was infamous for being vicious and occasionally violent. Darling Daizy also guest appears both with a stunt and musically in Steve-O´s movie "Steve O - Out On Bail". In 2003 The band got to be the first ever Norwegian punk band to play Johnny Depp´s iconic venue "The Viper Room" in Los Angeles. Darling Daizy did over 160 shows worldwide that very year.

In 2004 - the band decided to call it a day and go separate ways to spend some awaited time with family and other musical projects. 

In 2007 - a previously unreleased song entitled "I See People" got handpicked to feature in the american movie "Pool Party". Darling Daizy decided to release a b-side album entitled "Scraps From A Mental State" including "I See People" and other previously unreleased material from the era of 2000 - 2004 supporting the establishment of Leif Erik Westergrens own record label named Kallemann Records in 2009. Darling Daizy followed the B-side album up by writing a brand new song together, "Hula Moon Beach", it was later released on Kallemann Records.

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